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Sokoto State University


The Vision
The vision of the University is to become a world-class institution that produces globally competitive graduates who can advance economic development and who are prepared to meet the challenges of time.

The Mission
The mission of the university is to:

  1. Pursue excellence in research, teaching and community service;
  2. Be dedicated to having quality leadership, sound management of all resources and high degree of integrity and accountability;
  3. Strive to produce the best quality academic programmes to meet the needs of diverse students; and
  4. Create an environment conducive to learning and the actualization of human potentials.

Values of the University
The values of the University shall be:

  1. Dedication to public good;
  2. Fairness, social justice and equity;
  3. Honesty and integrity;
  4. Accountability and transparency;
  5. Diversity in inclusion and
  6. Shared government.

The Philosophy of the University
The Sokoto State University shall satisfy society’s demand for knowledge through teaching and research; and uphold truth and social justice; render selfless service; and promote and preserve academic freedom and fundamental values of society. By this, the needs and aspirations of the people of Sokoto State shall be a priority.

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